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6 Useful Tips for Bathroom Renovation Project

Posted on March 7th, 2022 in Business

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in a house and yet enclose many utilities. We all desire a neat, classy-looking bathroom that is not expensive at the same time. That is why bathroom renovations are the most fun and complex part of the job. To help you with your renovations, here are some tips we would like to share with you.

1. Use bright and light colors

Light-colored walls create an illusion of more space. Especially if you have a smaller space make sure you paint walls with light or bright colors. Darker colors shrink the room. So, avoid them unless you have a huge space.

2. Add plants to your bathroom

This might seem a bit unusual but plants add life to otherwise sterile bathrooms. Plants provide a cozy and fresh feel to your bathroom.

3. Do not forget about ventilation

We often ignore the ventilation part while renovating. Bathrooms are small spaces with humidity and thus having good ventilation becomes more important. Add small windows with ventilation glass or an exhaust fan or both. Consider the bathroom space, capacity, and purpose before selecting a ventilation system.

4. Build built-in spaces

Replace normal storage units with spaces built in the bathroom walls. This will give you a little extra space which was before covered with cupboards. You can also add built-in lighting fixtures.

5. Abundant lighting

Bathrooms should have ample light. It is a place where people inspect their looks, their makeup, their hair abundant light is a necessity here. Also, lighting makes the room seem more spacious. Consider adding lights at many points and especially around mirrors.

6. Use glass door for partition

Shower curtains are a great addition to your bathroom. You can change them to match your latest style, they are flexible, less expensive, and safer, especially with kids around. But glass doors give you a spacious and classy bathroom. So, if you have a smaller space glass door is an option you must consider. Are you looking to renovate your space? Contact us to get a free quote and understand the best way to do it.